24 musicians for 24 days, the Advent Calendar at Palazzo dell’Economia begins!

From the performance of a soloist to that of an entire orchestra: the musical countdown to Christmas begins on December 1st at 7pm from the Palazzo dell’Economia of Bari, overlooking Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

As part of the unique program of events of “Christmas in Bari is with St. Nicholas”, the Advent Calendar has scheduled the performance of 24 musicians who will play pieces from the traditional Christmas repertoire with a variety of musical instruments: from brass to reeds, from strings to percussion.

The first artist will appear this evening from one of the windows of the Palazzo dell’Economia overlooking the street, giving way to an exhibition of music and festivity in which, day after day, the musical formation will be enriched by an extra musician, until forming an orchestra of 24 musicians that will bring cheer to Christmas Eve in Bari.

Christmas in Bari is with St. Nicholas and it is already tuning its instruments.

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